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Rolemaster/MERP WebRing - A collection of Internet websites that have material and/or resources pertaining to the Rolemaster, Space Master and/or

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Rolemaster/MERP WebRing

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A collection of Internet websites that have material and/or resources pertaining to the Rolemaster, Space Master and/or MERP RPG system.

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Proposed new WebRing - 11/23/2003
As some of you may know, this WebRing has been around in some form or another since 1996 when it was called the Rolemaster/MERP WebRing. Alot of changes have occurred since then, included the demise and rebirth of ICE and several ownership changes to the WebRing system itself.
One thing that hasn't changed is the content of some of the sites on this ring. There are quite a few sites that still have the old Red Sword logo, haven't had any content changes in years, and that I have had no luck in getting hold of the owners. I don't really want to lose these sites but at the same time I think they may be limiting the usefulness of this WebRing for other people.
What I'm considering doing is renaming this ring back to being the Rolemaster/MERP WebRing (since I can't migrate to old sites to a seperate ring) and then starting up a new ring, the ICE RPG WebRing that will have somewhat stricter requirements.
This ring will only have sites that deal primarly with current ICE products, i.e. Sites that primarily have MERP content will not be included, a valid email address will be required, and stricter content requirements will be enforced, i.e. there must actually be some useful content on the site.
The current webring would continue to exist, and sites could belong to both rings if they want.
How many people would be interested in this? And, would any of you be interested in being on a "review committee" that would decide whether a site should qualify for membership?

Replied - 11/23/2003
To answer a few questions that people have had so far
1) The new WebRing will be open to sites covering the old version of Spacemaster. ICE still has the rights to this product, unlike MERP, which they don't have the rights to.

2) There are some sites that have Middle Earth material as well newer Rolemaster material, and are updated on a regular basis. These sites will be welcome to join the new ring.

3) There was a suggestion that a seperate WebRing could be started for each seperate product. Sites that dealt with multiple products could appear on multiple rings. I personally don't think that there are enough sites for each product to really support this idea, but I'm open to opinions on it. What I do try and do is to group related sites close together on the ring.

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